Thursday, August 7, 2008 @ 4:17 PM

Anirudh Madesia
This 23 year old from Kanpur belongs to a saptahik (weekly) family (he has 6 brothers). Apart from working part time at his family grocery store, Anirudh spends most of the time pulling other peoples leg.
Bharti Singh
A gold medalist in national level pistol shooting and archery, this sport girl also holds a A grade certificate in NCC. With a height of 5ft 1 , and a weight of almost 80 kgs, this gal from Amritsar is a hardcore performer…she surely puts the stage on fire.
Rehaan Jamal
This young man from Karachi is a trained singer, writer & entertainer. He has made his mark in Karachi, and now he is in India to speread the cheer.
Srikant Maski
Originally from Karnataka, Srikant was born and brought up in Mumbai. After giving up studies for comedy, he took up this mission seriously and today apart from being on the stage and making people laugh, he is also an employee in a call centre.
Sunil Thakker
This contestant has come all the way from the United States of America to participate in TGILC. Our Mumbaiwala runs his own radio station in U.S.


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